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Throughout my years of medical practice, I have discussed many topics with my patients. The following is a summary of subjects and services that you might want to keep in mind when having an office visit with your doctor. 


Routine Check-ups: Regular health assessments and examinations.

Diagnosing and treating health issues early is preferable and more successful than waiting until a health problem has become serious. So, I highly recommend that patients have regular checkups aimed at prevention. Preventive Care is very important. Part of your doctor’s responsibility is to advise patients about preventive measures and screenings for early detection.                 

Prescription Medications:

Be sure that you keep your prescription medications up to date. Writing and issuing prescriptions for medications is part of the ongoing services that your doctor expects to perform for patients. Don’t think that this is an annoyance.  

Minor office Procedures:

Performing minor surgical procedures like suturing, wound care, and mole removal are just some of the office procedures to keep in mind. Treating minor injuries like sprains, strains, and minor fractures should not be ignored. Nor should one neglect common skin conditions. It is important to get an early diagnosis and proper management of common skin conditions like acne, rashes, and eczema to avoid more serious problems that might arise from delaying treatment.  

Vaccinations (Well proven vaccines):

Ask about administering well-proven vaccines and providing immunizations to prevent issues like Shingles, Whooping Cough, Pneumococcal events, Hepatitis A and B, Flu, etc. Over the years, many vaccines have prevented countless cases of disease and saved millions of lives. Infants, children, adolescents, teens and adults need different vaccinations, depending on their age, location, job, lifestyle, travel schedule, health conditions or previous vaccinations.  

Health Education:

Talk with your doctor about your lifestyle, diet, and exercise. Offering guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be very important especially as we age.  

Chronic Disease Management:

Without using your doctor to monitor and manage chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and asthma, many people get careless and do not adequately manage diseases that can become silent killers if not managed consistently. Unfortunately, some people neglect early treatment of respiratory infections like colds, flu, and bronchitis. This includes respiratory Infections that should be properly diagnosed and treated early like colds, flu, and bronchitis. Neglecting respiratory issues often results in more difficult-to-treat conditions later on.  


An important role for a doctor in your life is to provide referrals to specialists when more specialized care is needed. This can include a Mental Health assessment and initial support. Many times patients live with troubling issues without being adequately aware about what is causing troubling symptoms that can be very treatable. Wellness Counseling can provide guidance on overall well-being, stress management, and insuring good sleep habits. 

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  • Prevention and Health Promotion: The Role of the Primary Care Physician
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